Real name: Markus Ziegler
Alias: Scherge
Date of birth: March 27
Occupation: Product Manager Games, designer, artist and writer of
Profile: Short, annoying, always trying to do everything at once, notoriously poor with women, good with power tools, likes to eat, sleep, jog (occasionally) and play games. Is always late unless the occasion is really, really important.

Real name: Peter Emanuel Theobald Ziegler
Alias: Theo
Date of birth: April 25
Occupation: Student (chemistry), co-writer of (at least on paper)
Profile: Hasn't hit puberty at the legally specified age for some mysterious reason. Thus, quits drinking almost on a daily basis and has tried (in equal measure desperately and as of yet unsuccessfully) to form his own sex cult. Blows up a chemistry lab in southern Germany every 2 to 3 days for cash, and generally fears for his job.

Real name: Steffen Schamberger
Alias: Latzman
Date of birth: January 25, shortly after WWII
Occupation: Product Manager Games, Former staff writer, former localization manager, full-time nerd
Profile: Think YOU are strange, choir boy? Well, meet Steffen, the Norman Bates of Pokémon players...

Real name: Joachim Friedrich Wilhelm Nettelbeck
Alias: Joe, Lars Croft, Kapaun
Date of birth: ???
Occupation: Product Manager Games, author of "Chummer GmbH" (published in "Chromscherben")
Profile: An original child of the (North) sea. Usually fools everyone into thinking of him as harmless and cuddly. Loves puns more than life itself. Had his five minutes of fame as Lars Croft in the PC Player magazine, which went out of business consecutively. Likes to sing a lot and a(very)loud.
Claims to be poor, small, innocent and quiet...

Real name: Joachim Weese
Alias: n/a
Date of birth: June 19
Occupation: Studied mechanical engineer, now designs mobile concrete slabs for crash tests (yes, that's actually some sort of job)
Profile: Friends with M. and T., husband of Aletta (way to go!). Made it to the finals of the "Bud Spencer Eat-Alike" contests in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 consecutively. Though he claims otherwise, he's in pretty good shape, thus out-jogging everyone on a regular basis. In his spare time, he's constructing rubber and foam swords plus other weapons for his little nephew. Is scared shitless by video games like "Resident Evil" and couldn't stand watching the soccer finals of the World Cup 2002. Quite likable, once you get to know him.

Real name: Aletta Gerda Maria Hoffmann-Weese
Alias: n/a
Date of birth: July 1
Occupation: Pharmacist, explores the world on behalf of a Swiss company
Profile: Does her best to keep Joachim W. (see above) in check. Seems to be especially fond of regular workouts. Appears to have a sixth sense regarding other people's refridgerators, i.e.: If there's nothing left in the fridge on a Sunday morning (except the usual number of beers), cross your fingers and wish real hard she's going to invite you for dinner! :-)

Real name: Sevgi Alev Kirik
Alias: Synergy-Sevgi
Date of birth: July 5
Occupation: Marketing Manager of a competing company
Profile: Formerly located in an office in the Bad Karma building, where she fought a valiant one-woman war against journalists and advertising managers, work (in general) and her hair (in the morning). Then she decided she liked Düsseldorf better for some reason. Probably still experimenting on new coffee recipes (melt whole coffee beans in a vacuum, add boiling milk and sugar to taste - done!) and ignoring "No Loitering!" signs. Life did seem funnier with her around.

Real name: Paul Adrian Zahirnik
Alias: Curly, Master of Disaster
Date of birth: ???
Occupation: Former Product Manager Software, now working on Ley Lines or something
Profile: Probably was the person that most resembled normal in Bad Karma and has therefore decided to quit his job. Self-proclaimed explorer of the Nettelzone. Denies any ties to the Leningrad Cowboys as well as the existence of the quiff on his forehead.

Real names: n/a
Alias: Duct tape ninja, Nin-Joe, Susi 1.0
Dates of birth: ???
Occupation: Modern day office ninjas: Masters of information, disinformation and food disposal
Profile: Every good web comic has its ninja. We've got three.

Not to forget a whole bag of support characters, like Stefanie "not Steffi" Walter or the marketing team (Hans, Heinz, Hinz and Kunz), who are not explicitly listed because they either don't exist or chose to leave us on our own before they got important enough.
Last update: 01/20/2004