Penny Arcade Veterans of the webcomic business, Jerry "Tycho" Holkins and Mike "Gabe" Krahulik take no prisoners, if games of any kind are concerned.
Mega Tokyo Part melancholic, part wacky, and drawn in best "American Manga" style.
Dilbert Scott Adams is well-known for drawing the truth and nothing but it in his daily newspaper strip about work in today's companies.
Real Life Another renowned webcomic, a mix of satire and soap opera.
PVP Scott Kurtz' classic daily comic strip - kinda like Garfield back in his good days.
Mac Hall Although done by Apple freaks, still highly enjoyable. Oh, and great coloring, too.
VG Cats Umm, yeah. That's what happens when video games meet designer drugs, I suppose. Still extremely funny, sometimes.
Nicht Lustig If you understand German, you owe it to yourself to read this German daily strip. Highly recommended.
Chugworth Academy Strange humor, but very well drawn and the source of some real classics (like "Ryo and the women")
Wapsi Square Nice comic strip, co-starring Tepoztecal, the Aztec God of alcohol!
Sore Thumbs The adventures of a far-out right-wing mama's boy, his ultra-liberal sister, a literally dickless Ex-G.I. and his mascot midget bear, running a video game shop.
The noob Excellent collection of role-playing clichés, comic style.
Happy Tree Friends Not very nice and not very funny (after watching several episodes), but you should at least know about it.
August Strindberg & Helium Dead site, but what the hell. Strindberg and Helium are like Markus and Peter, squared.