Because no one demanded it...

Since I barely updated the site in 2006, I thought I could show
some of the commissioned work that I've done in the meantime...

Greek gods, for some "Titan Quest" article:

Next in line were some classic composers.
These were used as covers for audio CDs for kids:

(Updated) Another few CD cover artworks. The travels of Odysseus, Herakles/Hercules and the Trojan Horse:

The following mascot designs have been done for an online magazine:

To better demonstrate that there is actually quite some time and work involved in drawing, I decided to trace the development of the old (2002) title art.
Oh well, maybe I'm just too slow...
First sketch in one layer:
20 minutes
Clean up in separate layers:
3 hours
Coloring, pixels check:
2 hours
Fore- and background added:
1 hour
Light and shadow added:
2 hours
Transparency and blur effects:
30 minutes


Final touches: re-positioning of some elements, addition of a miniature nova, drop shadows and text elements

Here's the reason the Martinmas 2002 strip was late: I had to find me a new TV.
In the meantime, I was using an old Amiga monitor, which, unfortunately, wasn't working correctly either. Ever played Jet Set Radio Future on a 14 inch monitor, which has to be turned 90 degrees because of a loose contact? I can't really recommend it...

These were some drawings I was doing for a German video gaming magazine called "Videogaming X". The characters were used on the letters pages and supposed to be siblings. Unfortunately, the magazine was cancelled before I was really getting the hang of drawing them...