Since I can't guarantee that all future strips will be on time or there at all, I'll introduce a little something I like to call "Meeting-Kritzeleien". Basically, these are just scans of drawings I'm doodling during business meetings. The advantage: Despite being drawn exclusively with a ball pen (pencils are for sissies), these sketches usually are much cleaner than the ones I do on the subway and are drawn on white paper. Remember: Always take notes during meetings. :-)

Oh, and don't worry about me: I've long since perfected the art of listening and drawing at the same time. Actually, it even helps me concentrate, and our CEOs seem to be quite tolerant when it comes to that. Clicking on the thumbnails takes you to a larger image, of course. Have fun!

I think I might have been
in a bad mood here
(exit wounds usually are
a dead giveaway).

I'll never understand why
I started out with this
ugly guy in the middle
of all things...

Looks like a rather quick
meeting, during which
my mood gradually got
better (guns to girls:-).

Yeah, well - I kinda rode
the exotic train here.
Plus, comic proportions
don't always look good.

Nice: Joe as IKEA reindeer.
In other news, my concept
"Fun Sports: Biathlon" (note
the UZI) was refused.

Another short meeting.
Just one scribble, and
no 3D perspective at
that, but still nice.

One shitty meeting.
More work, less time
to get it done. Great.

Short meeting.
Short meetings good.
Me like.

Various issues
Apparently, I just
read "Powers".

Maaan, this was a
short one. Barely got
the outlines done
on this sketch.

Rather long meeting, but
with a lot "Look at this
diagram", i.e. "Stop drawing!"
Ugly Spider-man, btw.

Short-ish meeting.
I think I like the
drawing in the
upper right best.

The evening before,
the German soccer
team was slaughtered
1:5 by Romania... :-)

Another meeting, at
some point in May.
Can't remember anything
noteworthy, sorry.

Argh. Another fine day
in July 2004 spent on
meetings, from 10am
to 6pm. Yaaay...

Two short meetings.
Nothing special.

Long meeting,
crappy pen.

Actually two meetings.
Pretty short ones, though.

"Productivity" meetings
that take up a whole day
of working time...

Originally, I didn't want to
post this drawing at all.
Mostly rubbish, especially
"Santa's Cat".

Boy, that was long:
From 9AM to 5PM.
I just wanted to get
home after that...

Can't even remember 
what the matter was 
here. Apparently, I was 
in a bad mood...

Pretty short meeting.
Didn't have to say much,
too. Hey! I'll have you
know I CAN be quiet!

Wow! This meeting turned
out so long, I not only
drew two pages of

... but also used up
my pen in the progress.
Luckily, there were other
people not needing theirs.

Apparently, it took several
meetings (at least two) to
fill this page. Looks like I
was pressed for time...

Short meeting,
nothing fancy.
Well, that's nice, too,
for a change.

Can't really tell what was
going on here, but I think
it's a safe bet that the
colleagues still play WoW.

Well, either we really had not
that many meetings over the
last year, or I've just been
been gettin lazy...

As I'm not about to draw
a regular strip anytime
soon, here's another
sheet of sketches.