03/05/10: Leap of ill-advised faith

M: Welcome back! 2009 sure has been an interesting year - I hope you made it through okay, even though I wasn't here to steal your time! Now that
I'm only working three days a week (I recommend it to anyone who can afford it:-), I'll try to get Bad Karma back on track - the key word being 
"try", of course.

As for the strip itself, I really wanted to do something on "Assassin's Creed II". Despite not quite ending up as my personal game of the year 2009
(that title went to "Uncharted 2"), it was certainly one of the most enjoyable ones and probably THE most impressive technical feat I've experienced
in a game for a long time. Of course, there were some downright strange elements: Why would anyone want a quicktime event for hugging Leonardo
da Vinci? And those 100-foot drops into minuscule hay stacks/hay carts are hilarious. But graphics like these go a long way to appease everyone,
and the educational value has to be applauded: "Honey, did you know Michelangelo helped design the inner facade of San Lorenzo? Here, I'll just
kill these guards and show it to you..."

In fact, the game made me go out of my way and collect all achievements for the first time in an Xbox 360 game. Damn those feathers! Internet to
the rescue!!!

Oh well, you'll hopefully be seeing more of my work in the near future. Not the VERY near future, though, as I'm going to spend the next week in
San Francisco. Yay, GDC...